Project 2: Caroline Van


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IDEA #6 :

so i reaaaalllly wanted the fort tent thing to work, as a kid (and even now) i love to make forts out and sheets and stuff. One problem about the fort that i always hated was that you were always limited to what you could hook the sheets on. For my idea, i wanted the user to be able to apply hooks where ever they want but the problem is how do you make non permanent reuseable hooks.

THIS IS THE ANSWER: THUMBTACKS WITH HOOKS ON THEM (of course i will re design the hooks for the purpose of fort/tent making)

so my plan is to make a fort/tent making set, that enables the user to make wonderfully beautiful fort.

IDEA #1:

so my idea for this is that it would be a giant stuffed animal/ body pillow that would have MANY MANY hidden pockets. The concept is that if you ever need to hid something or store something, you would just put it in the pillow.

For example it could store; a picture of your lover, your laptop, pencils, food, etc..

I have a problem of having alot of stuffed animal and random junk on my bed, and it gets cluttered, so i thought this would help. Of course ,it will be cute and attractive. I am also thinking of making a series of characters, so that you can collect them.

Idea #4

this idea is purely for fun, just jokes. Its pretty much, you are wearing a stuff animal head. It’s kinda like those animal hats that you see around but this is more extreme. I am planning on designing characters and maybe add unique functions to the hat.



When making this project, I decided that my design will incorporate velcro instead of zippers. But when I was observing people interacting with my toy, I found that many had difficulty with the velcro, which was a shock because I thought it would have been easier. In the final product, the toy shall have zipper pockets instead of velcro ones.

The Proposal

When designing this toy, my initial idea was to create a toy that had a lot of pockets to hide treasured objects in but as I continued developing the product, I found that if I simplified the amount pockets the product would be better.

On the front of the toy, there will be 4 pockets that are to be used for small light objects, such as jewlery or paper. The side of the toy will have a giant pocket that runs down the full length of the toy. This pocket is to store objects like laptops or sketchbooks. There will also be 2 pockets on the hands of the toy, one pocket is meant to be used as a pencil case while the other shall be used as a cellphone or ipod holder. Of course ,you can put anything you want into the pockets but each pocket was designed with a function.

The audience I am marketing to is the average art student. Art students love to sketch or work in bed, but a problem they always face is the fact that their bed becomes cluttered with stuff. This toy is to help them organize and store their stuff on their bed. There will no longer be any mess. This toy creates a loveable companion and it is a practical object. This toy is for everyone. Many people have the problem of a cluttered bed, not just the art student.

When interacting with my toy, one of the users suggested something interesting. She said that this toy would be perfect for sleepovers. You just stuff all of your toiletries into the toy. There is no need to bring a pillow or bag, because the toy is the pillow and bag.

If I was to mass produce this object, it would come in various colors and designs.

2 Responses to “Project 2: Caroline Van”

  1.   Sohyun Chun Says:

    I think all your ideas are very creative, and I love all your designs! they’re very unique. I had alittle trouble reading the descriptions! but I like your idea of the pockets everywhere, I think its something useful at the same time its a form of a plush toy; if you go with that I think it can easily also be something that varies in design, you can have multiple styles and designs 🙂

  2.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    OMG that spongebob hat!!! I WILL buy that! I think it’s something thats totally marketable and fun for all ages.