Project 2


Six Independent Toy Ideas


Three Detailed Toy Concepts

1. Making it Balance

This is a game that tests player’s sense of balance. There is a center scales which attached with two more scales on both ends of the center scales with different height levels. Players will be given different weight of subject matters, such as key rings, to place them on different places of the scales. Players are required to make the scales balance, otherwise one side the scales will be either too heavy or too light and causes the whole scales fall.

2. The Nine Squares

This game requires player to use the lever principle torque to throw the ball and hit one of the nine squares on a board. Players are only allowed to move the lever principle torque in certain area, in other word, not too far or not too close to the board. Each player can hit as many times as he/she wants within a limited time of one minute. The more squares they hit, the more points they get.

3. Who Will Be The CEO?

This is a board game where it has different office floor. As we all know, it is always tough to be a CEO (the top position) in a company. This game is decided for the people who want to be the CEO. In order to let player experience the competitive nature of our society, this game requires more than one person to process. Each player starts with rolling a die and level up the office floor according to the number that appear on the die. If the floor that he/she arrives is a “good” floor (e.g. hard-working), then player gets to stay on that floor. If arrives at “bad” floor (e.g. late at work), then player have to go back down the floor that said on current floor. The faster player gets to the top will be the CEO.


A Prototype of one toy concepts


Final Proposal

This board game has a clear target audience, OCAD U student. Every student in OCAD is fighting for their future to be a top designer. Therefore, this game simply fulfills or archives their dreams. This game is fun and challenging because it requires more than one person to play, in other words, people have interaction between each other.

After the user-testing, there are two major problems that I need to address for my toy. First of all, the board game seems confusing for some people. People tend to play with it without following the correct instructions. I would write a brief instruction on the board game to clarify how the game should be processed. Secondly, the game itself is more like a “one-time game”, meaning that people might not be interested in playing the game again. Therefore, a new rule or system needs to be refining for my toy. In order to address this problem, I looked at the Monopoly board game as a reference. This game has a “cycle-like” system in which people will keep playing around with it because there is no ending point. Overall, I would like to make my game into a circle board to keep people interested in playing and add more instructions on the board.

4 Responses to “Project 2”

  1.   Sohyun Chun Says:

    I like how all your ideas is a game with tangible objects to support it, it would have been even better if there were a few thumbnails! I really like your first idea because its simple, easy to understand and sounds fun as well. I don’t think making the prototype will be too difficult either, maybe just making the scale! I also think your board game is creative 🙂

  2.   Shi Tong Li Says:

    I like your board game the best. it actually relates to real life and can give students a heads up to work places. i think this board game can physically have different floors to make it more than a regular board game.
    The first one also seems fun. if would be more fun if it can give you more feedback, for example, a bell can ring when it is perfectly balanced.

  3.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    I like the board game too. you have sketches hilda, show them!!!

  4.   Cindy Lubinic Says:

    I love the board game. It would be an excellent toy idea because I challenges. it would be nice to see more elements added where you have to answer question and such to add more of a leanring element to it.