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There is certainly a market in novel variations upon art supplies. I have an anatomical figure I’ve never studied. Mostly it’s posed in weird ways with props. Its premise as being a tool gives adults an excuse to furnish themselves with variations even as strange as alien proportioned models (or in my case squid).


Who Will Be The CEO isn’t quite cynical enough to most effectively amuse OCAD students. Keep in mind the phrase, “Rising to one’s level of incompetence.” Students also prefer board games with a mild amount of strategy such as Settlers of Catan over Snakes and Ladders games of pure chance.

Yizhen Jia:

I’ve seen these beer joke graphics on simplified rotating prism variations of Rubik’s Cubes. The difficult part of applying it to a proper Rubik’s Cube is developing a systematic means of ensuring that the 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 permutations of the cube work somehow.


Seth the Inktvissekijn

In the studio you will likely find ink and mannekijns. Even if the artist or designer has no use for them, they remain there as a potential resources but more so as covertly entertaining novelties and decor. The Inktvissekijn intellectually combines two staples of OCAD lifestyles into an artefact possessing its own synergistic amusements. The wooden articulated construction camouflages this toy as a tool or decor piece which “adults” may proudly leave out in the open. The articulation allows the figure to take on more dynamic poses than stiff plastic bath toys one might ordinarily study. The radical shift in subject matter from frequently used human and horse figures to less frequently drawn animals has been found in user testing to greatly expand satisfaction in several profiles as a result of experiencing an unusual variation of a common artefact. The inktvissekijn spans a rarely achieved intersection of both cute and sophisticated appeal to users.


Inktvissekijn is but one of the many articulated animal figures of which the Kijn+ line will consist. Many different animals can be produced to appeal to various users and collectors including on the extreme end microscopic, extinct, and fictional organisms. The figures can be produced in plain wood to suit serious environments and customization and in more eccentric colourations and configurations to appeal to bolder tastes. In extension to success in the Kijn+ line, it may be possible to produce variations of popular models which have been adapted to serve more utile or unusual purposes such as light modulation, storage solutions, accessorisation, or housewares. It is conceivable that inktvissekijn, with emerging OLED and/or biomimetic technologies, could be integrated with octopus-like camouflaging abilities and cameras into a stealth-spy toy with aesthetic appeal.

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