Project Two; Mhairi Robertson

Step One; Ideations

Well after reading the assignment wrong and designing toys for 3-6 year olds, I’ve redone this assignment designing for people our age. For my ‘toys’ I decided to focus on things that we use all the time. As design students, we all use the same basic tools for school. I wanted to make these fun and perhaps give students another creative outlet.

1) Tetris Pencil Case; A clear plastic pencil case designed like the tetris playing screen. Users would try to place all the items back into their pencil case tetris style.

2) Sea Tea Tumbler; I see a lot, okay everyone, always has coffee in this school. I would encourage people to use reusable tea tumblers by making them more fun. In this case I would put water between the two insulating layers and little sea creatures to make it more fun… Theme changeable.

3) Pixelated iPhone Case; This iPhone case would have a grid on the back covered with moveable pixels in different colours. Users could move the pixels around to create an original pattern. They could also redo the pattern as often as the want.

4) Fridge Sketchbook; Most ocad students use sketchbooks all the time, regardless of whether they are paying attention or not. I would make the cover of the sketchbook magnetic and almost like a chalkboard. Users could write memos on their sketchbook to help them remember things.

5) Invisible Pens; These pens would have two options; one for regular ink and one for invisible ink. Users could write secret messages to their friends! Wow!

6) Fun Sharpener and Eraser; Using various forms (cat, dog, banana, etc) to make a fun outer layer this device would be half eraser and half pencil sharpener.

Step Two; Detailed Toys

1) Pixelated iPhone Case; As our school uses a mac system, many students use apple products as a standard. The iPhone seems to be no exception. Many users look to customize and distinguish their iPhone from others. I’ve noticed that a lot of people use skins which don’t protect the product, just make it look good. I can understand why they would use a skin over a case though because there aren’t very many cool or unique cases. Enter this product. The moveable squares on the back would allow pretty much infinite ways of creating new patterns and will come in different colour schemes which the user can select.

2) Fridge Sketchbook; As ocad students are visual learners, many of us also need visual reminders. By placing these on the sketchbook (one of our most commonly used possessions) we will constantly get to see what needs done for the day. As well people can draw and erase these covers to customize their sketchbook.

3) Apple Sharpener and Eraser; This small product would be fun and useful. One half of the apple would be an eraser and the other half would be a pencil sharpener. The two would click together to create the apple shape and be easily put away. You would simply pull on the two parts to separate them. The pencil sharpening holes would be on the interior of the apple and would be designed to look like seeds.

Prototype Testing

Since everyone knows how to play tic tac toe I didn’t need to explain my toy idea to everyone. It’s really simple and quick, making it ideal for playing with a friend during class. Reccomendations for my final toy were to incorporate the screen into the play and make versions with other games.

My Prototype

Thoroughly enjoying Tic Tac Toe




(Red button allows you to reset the score, Blue button allows you to submit that score to the community)

The iPhone is definitely the most popular cell phone choice at our school. Almost all the students that I know have one. Many of us try to come up with ways to make our iPhone seem original and different from others. I’ve noticed that a lot of students have skins on their phones. While this makes them look good it doesn’t protect the phone at all and unfortunately students tend to be rough on their stuff.

I wanted to design a case that was fun and also protective so students aren’t trashing their 600$ phones. A lot of us fiddle or doodle in class so I thought that something interactive (versus a stationary picture) would have lots of appeal. My newly designed cases feature classic games that we all know and love. The example shown here is of tic tac toe but you will also be able to get versions for snakes and ladders, hangman and monopoly.

The way this works is that the back of the plastic case works like a grid. The pieces are plastic and can be clipped onto the case. The case comes with a standard background depending on which game you chose to buy. For tic tac toe you simply clip the pieces on as you play. For snakes and ladders there is a number generator on the iPhone screen to serve as a dice and you clip the pieces on as you move across the board. Hangman comes with an alphabet set and you can adjust the grid to show how many letters the word is. The hangman also comes in multiple pieces that you clip into position as the person guesses the wrong letters. for monopoly the case would also serve as a game board and the cards and dices would be generated on the screen. Obviously, the games of snakes and ladders would be abbreviated so they fit on the case as well have a shorter playing time.

The screen would input the different players scores as the game progresses. This would happen in every version of my case. When you buy the case you would be given a code that allows you to download an app that accesses a community for these games. On this community you could compare scores, see what games your friends have and challenge their scores.

This will appeal to ocadu students but because of the simplicity and the fact that people of all ages play this game I think it would appeal to many  more users. As this game is played in groups and not on their own it will definitely be more fun.

2 Responses to “Project Two; Mhairi Robertson”

  1.   Renars Dimza Says:

    I thinbk it’d s very neet idea, maybe you can make it ver large like a novelty item. or have a whole bushel of them. that might be a lot of fun,

  2.   Hyun Ji Shin Says:

    yay for the Pixelated iPhone Case idea! i would love to have on like that! cant wait to see your model on friday 🙂