Project Two




Mini Airdancer [Formally known as Mini Wacky Wailling Inflatable Arm Tube Man]

This toy would be part of a collectable series that features differenct faces, colours and bonus features. The toy would be battery operated so it’s portable.

Makes a great gift.

The air dancer would have a small fan at the bottom of the figure that would turn on when a switch is pulled (or button pressed) that would inflates the airdancer and thus, make the air dancer move.

It would come with different colours and facial expressions. Finnaly it would have a snuggie attachement that would construct the arms of the airdancers and change the way he/she moves.


This toy would be all about a toy that would brind students back to their childhood but have an ironic twist to their favourite toys. This toy would be made out of plastic or some cheap material and would be a toy gun but molded into the shape of a cupcake that had a tank barrel. Thus, creating a cupcake tank. When the trippers or button is pressed, the cupcake shoots sprinkles. This would be refillable at the bottom and would serve usefull to those who really like to bake. (Which according to my research, there are alot) Yummy and destructive.


This toy idea takes the tradition wooden figure that OCAD students have probably used before to study anatomy, and gives it a new light. The figure would be designed to look like various people from the undead. For instance zombie bride, zombie lunchlady, zombie hockey player, and zombie Paul McCartney.

This toy would take an unordinary tiwst on the classical figure and would also be a collectable item that people of many ages could enjoy and well… collect.




There are:

15,018,128 facebook users following the Beatles.

654,269  followers of “zombies”.

6,000 Zombie walk attendees in Toronto alone.

Doesn’t this sound like a recipe for awesome? Zombie figurines provide enjoyment, practicality and amusement to art students, taking farmiliarity and kicking it up a notch like tobasco sauce on meatloaf. All the user needs to bring is imagination and creativity.

4 Responses to “Project Two”

  1.   Amir Kavehei Says:

    I love the zombie figure from cindy lubinic. It’s simple yet it’s smart you can have different versions of it( it’s funny). it’s thoughtful you can learn anatomy in more fun way rather than taking those boring toy models. I think that’s a good idea cuz it developes existing toy models and make them more fun.

  2.   Shi Tong Li Says:

    I think your best idea is the cupcake tank. First, it is aestetically pleasing. I’m sure a lot of people will find it adorable. Also, I like the function it serves. As we know sprinklers are very hard to pick up for they are so small, and can be spilled easily. your tank can save the baker from the trouble. Just wondering, how many sprinkles does it shoot everytime? It should definitly be more than one or the efficency will be too low.
    I think you can totally develop on this idea. the tank can come in different shapes (donuts?) and shoot different ingredients like salt or sugar. It can even have a measuring function, shooting the exact amount you want.

  3.   Alexandra Michiko Weaver Says:

    I like the zombie figure idea as well and a ton of people manage to get sucked into collecting collectibles.

  4.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    I like the mini air dancer a lot more. It is a little bit hard to execute, but the concept is fun and YES i would buy it.