Sandra’s Love and Hate Objects

An object I love is my consistently used BlackBerry® Curve™ 8530 that I acquired in 2009. Since then I have been inseparable with this device. The reasons I am inseparable with this specific brand/device because it has never failed on me. It keeps all my contacts, text messages, and data plan that include Internet and networking in one place, that place being in my pocket when I am away from my phone. As well it has its own store called the Blackberry App World, where you can obtain many different programs that suit your everyday life such as, dictionary, the weather network, games and so on.

In this case the Affordances are clear for a person who likes to play around with gadgets. The main button and scroll pad give the indication of the cell phones movement, as well as the green talk button and the red end button. The structure of the phone is a called a bar, it is easy to maneuver, as all one has to do is take out the phone. There is no flipping or sliding necessary.

As mentioned above this phone serves as a day to day planner, it keeps my messages in order and my e-mails sent and received on time – no lagging – its what keeps me organized and up to date on a daily basis. The easiest ways to access my option elements are mapped to the Blackberry logo button and there you can access any folder. One or two problems of design is that on this model –Blackberry Curve 8530- the keys for calling and texting make an accumulation of noise, because of the popped up keyboard and small typing keys, which are irritating when creating a message. Compared to the Blackberry Bold that have bigger keys and the keys are flattened, reducing noise and irritation. Once you learn the technique of the phone it becomes natural and easier to operate.                                                  The cell phone itself has a very clean, unprotected surface and monotonous backing. So to improve this in the most creative way I could possibly think of was to reach out to my love and appreciation of art, and I have purchased a re-sealable sticker of Van Gogh’s famous art pieces called A Starry Night. And as well I have purchased a hard outer case called Otter Box. They specialize in creating covers for specific cell phone model types, which provide visible feedback and yet it’s the best solution, because it reduces scratches. I must admit the audible feedback hasn’t improved even though this is considered to be a “smartphone” but to overcome that obstacle I download ringtones or have my friends send me tones.

An object I hate plugging in is a 3-prong plug. It is known to be a great idea because its secure with appliances so one does not get electrocuted and having the third grounds the electrical current if you were to plug a thick strand of wire straight from the hot slot to the neutral slot of an outlet? Unlike an appliance, which limits the amount of electricity that can flow to 60 watts for example a light bulb or 500 watts for example a toaster, the wire would let an incredible amount of electricity flow through it. The fuse box, the fuse or circuit breaker for the outlet would detect this huge surge and it would cut off the flow of electricity. The fuse prevents the wires in the wall or the outlet itself from overheating and starting a fire. The affordances are indicative when plugging in a laptop that uses 3 prong plugs into an electrical outlet, the indicative is clearly shown that you must hold the bulky part of the cord to insert it into an outlet.  Once learned, it becomes natural to ease the prong at a faster pace to reduce the prospect scare of light that can create an electric shock. But a physical constraint could be introduced that prevents the light from being apparent while plugging the 3-prong plug into an outlet.   Now I use a laptop that uses 2 prongs and allow my fear of electric shock to be over. And it creates more ease than a struggle to plug into the wall, which provides essential visible feedback. Without having the constant fear that I may see the electricity light coming from the outlet.