Toy sketches

Top three ideas:
1) rubber stress ball/toy keychain
– basically a keychain that has multiple functions, it can be a stress ball for when your stressed out and need to take it out on something! as well has a laser attached to it.

2) blanket/plush
– a plush that stores a blanket inside and allows for simple travel, its a 2 in 1! Its soft and cuddly, as well has a blanket that can be used for almost anything. It would come in different sizes and styles (collectable)

3) fun clip
– a clip with different designs on it to give it visual appeal, it also makes it fun too; simply used to organize or as a decorative piece or a bookmark.


I decided to go with the plush/blanket idea. During the user test with the prototype, there were a few things I figured out. First of all, the idea worked but seemed abit too childlike. But the basic idea was to get the blanket to be packed in and stored as well as act as a stuffing for the plush. The size of the plush would also vary based on how big the blanket inside was going to fit. But overall the idea worked, but the visual needed some work.

Simply changing the design of the plush itself would attract different age groups; for instance the teddy bear is what made it more appealing to children. The great thing about this toy is that the idea is simple so there can be a ride range of variations. Here is an example illustration of the plush blanket that can attract students our age or even adults! 🙂 There’s just something about intestines and organs gushing out that makes it so attractive to our age group. The zombie plush comes in various sizes and colours and the blanket comes with attached stuffed organs and instestines. Also, these plush blankets can be customizable by choosing the outer shell and the blanket on the inside. That way anyone can have a customizable plush blanket of their choice!

4 Responses to “Toy sketches”

  1.   Shi Tong Li Says:

    I think the one that will work the best is the plush/blanket, since it is also functional. it is a very clever way to store blankets. You get a plush toy, and the blanket won’t take up space in closets. However, I do think that the plush serves more as a decoration than a toy. Maybe you can have a collectable series of these, or have different sizes storing different things like towels and such.

  2.   Renars Dimza Says:

    I like whole wooden puzzle idea . I think it might be interesting be cool if you make some sort of inanimate object to have to put together.

  3.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    picture is so small, i can’t really tell whats going on

  4.   Hyun Ji Shin Says:

    i feel like some of things do no function as toys. especially number one and four. i have seen them around as well