two pots, two destiny

On object I love is the silver tea pot. I found in frozen in ice in in a construction area, and because it was in a good condition, I brought it back home. It is completely made out of metal; therefore it is useful for boiling water on my wood stove during winter.

What I like most about it is its affordance. The design is ergonomic and the function of every part is clear. The handle is dual-layered so it is somewhat heat insulated, which is extremely useful when the water is boiling hot. The knob of the lid fell off so my dad put a door knob on instead, but the original one is a loop, which is better because the lid can be pulled off easily. The spout has a little lid on it, with a hook that extends all the way back to the handle. There’s actually a clipper on the hook that fits into the groove of the handle to keep the lid open. I think this is a really smart design. It would be better though, if the pot can give some kind of audible feedback when the water is boiling, like whistling (my other pot does that), so I don’t have to hold my  face close to the stove(700F) to find out if the water is boiling.

The other teapot happens to be an object I don’t like. Although it is aesthetically better than the first one, the lack of physical constraints of the lid is very problematic. Once when I was pouring tea out of it the lid slipped off and fell. My toes saved it from breaking but nothing saved my toes. That’s why as you can see I added a string to restrain from further accidents. Also, the knob on the lid is way too small as an affordance.

But since it’s pretty, it serves as a decoration now.