Exercise 8-Persona

Evanne Stadford

The Tomboy

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Currently living Downtown Toronto, Evanne lives the average lifestyle of a 22 year old University student. She shares an apartment downtown with one of her best friends (female) and takes the subway as transportation to and from school. Like her roommate, she is currently in her 3rd year at Ontario College of Art and Design University pursuing a major in advertisement.

Evanne applies herself well in her studies and thus receives appropriate grades in her courses. Despite her typical appearance, she is able to balance her school life and social life pretty well, as well as make time for her part time job at the HMV store.

Some of her favorite hobbies and past times include listening to music, playing video games on not only her computer but also on her PS3, hanging out with her friends, shopping, and occasionally mindlessly walking around the downtown area. Evanne sometimes lights a cigarette outside as a time killer. Her favorite music alternates between alternative rock to punk, with favorites such as Blink-182 and  Green Day. She’s a girl who knows when and how to have fun, and is not afraid to take up a dare.

Usually sporting a loose hoodie, faded jeans and typical clothing combination chosen by guys, Evanne freely liberates her character and role as a tomboy. She chooses her clothing for the comfort rather than the style (ultimately). Oftentimes she shops at Thrift Stores and second hand shops, but does occasionally shop at Stitches or American Appeal. Because of her tomboy-ish appearance, she is not always welcomed by the more feminine cliques. Because of this, Evanne tends to have a few more male friends she gets along with very well. She feels as normal and comfortable when hanging around and goofing off with  her male friends as when she hangs out with her female ones.

Evanne is someone who is comfortable with who she is and not afraid to show it to the rest of the world.