Exercise Eight; Shaun Hudson

Renarz Dimza, Joana Rim, Mhairi Robertson and Olivia Shin

Shaun is your average serious student. He’s driven to work very hard due to having a hard family life. He’s ambitious and is willing to sacrifice many things to get good grades. One of the things he sacrifices is putting time into himself. He doesn’t spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning and isn’t particularly concerned about what he’s wearing. You’ll find Shaun is always a bit of a mess with hands covered in paint and markers.

Shaun loves food but doesn’t eat a lot of it. Like many of his fellow students he lives off coffee and whatever is cheap. He has a passion for music- especially classical music. One of his life’s ambitions is to learn how to play an instrument. If they weren’t so expensive he would definitely teach himself on the rare occasions when he’s not working. For now, his down time includes visiting art galleries to find inspiration for his next project.

He lives with several other room mates close to a ttc station. He lives apartment style and is thankful for the support even if they are a little loud sometimes. He hates when they have people over and doesn’t understand how they maintain their grades. Shaun’s pet peeve is when people don’t understand why it’s so important to work hard.