Exercise Five: An Object I Love/ An Object I Hate


An object that I am truly not a fan of would be my Kimchi Blue Floral Kisslock Organizer Wallet. Aesthetically and physically, the wallet is extremely pleasing, but what good is a nice looking wallet if she doesn’t work properly?! There is a clasp which is visible at the very top of the wallet, which is what is used to open and close it. The problem I found with the clasp, is that in time it bends and becomes loose, so loose to the point where the 2 clips don’t clasp together. It is especially difficult to keep everything in the wallet and keep everything from falling out, when it just wont close.

The wallet’s affordances are quite clear when the wallet is opened, but do not serve well for their purpose. There are little slots where debit cards and credit cards are to be inserted to be held in place, and are positioned in a way that you can see multiple cards at once. I find that the slots are much too small for the cards they are meant to carry, which results in the cashier waiting impatiently while i try to pry my debit card from my wallet. It’s frustrating,¬†embarrassing, and extremely time consuming. Another physical constraint that restricts me from using this wallet is the zipped pocket that holds loose change. I can basically fit $1.50 in quarters, but anymore than around 12 coins in there, either the zipper to the change pocket wont close or the clasp on the exterior of the wallet will refuse to close.

Ultimately, when I use this wallet, I have to be extremely conscious of the coins I need for the day, and if I’m lucky enough to fit everything I need, I must have the wallet in a tight place that will hold it shut, like a small pocket in my bag, otherwise the wallet will hang open giving more of a chance of losing significants.


An object that I really appreciate, especially as one who loves to add colour to things, are the Prismacolour Premier Double Ended Art Markers. It’s a fairly larger marker, but applies to surfaces more smoothly than any other marker I’ve used before. They are more of a paint marker in the way that the ink must be stroked like a brush onto paper, very slow and consistent strokes. It has quite a bit of ink, but its recommended to be used this way to ensure a strong, vibrant, lasting colour.

The marker itself is very comfortable in the hand (not too thin and not too thick to hold). The method of the marker is quite visible and the mapping is quite clear of which way it is to be held. It’s a double sided marker, so each end is labelled with either a fat tip, or a thin tip. My favourite thing about these markers is that the ink is acid free. This means that there are no bleed through and no pooling of ink. If I were to colour something in with a Crayola marker, there would be lines and blotches of the shade I was colouring and the tone of the colour would not look solid. The awesome thing about acid free markers is that you can layer the same colour, and colour one area over and over again, and it won’t pool with ink or get darker. It will always stay the same shade.

These permanent lightfast markers are also water resistant, and will not smear when dry. For those who are looking for a smooth, vibrant, long-lasting solid fill, then I would definitely recommend Prismacolour. They come in endless shades and colours, and they also come in greyscale.