Exercise Nine: Marco Paravani

Marital Fun (The Perks of Unconditional Love) by Marco Paravani

We haven’t eaten meat for weeks

It’s part of her new regimen

Strung, green beans and sugar peas

flavoured in diet margarine

I couldn’t tell you what they mean,

her story magazines

She likes to read, and rest her feet

enjoying her English tea

I should stress, it’s lactose-free

She pays no mind to me, usually

But tonight’s our anniversary

So she gave me my own money

And then sent me out for groceries

Ingredients weren’t tricky

For my custard cake surprise

I bought some sugar, more margarine,

And I couldn’t tell you why

But I, instead of milk, born of contempt

mistook the skim for 4 percent

I may as well have gotten cream

And it’s too bad that I bought three

Which brings me to my last purchase

For deep down, I don’t truly hate her

A value pack of double-ply,

No-name toilet paper

2 Responses to “Exercise Nine: Marco Paravani”

  1.   Marco Christopher Paravani Says:

    in case it isn’t obvious, he hates his controlling and overbearing wife
    and out of spite, takes advantage of her being lactose intolerant
    making a creamy desert for his wife’s displeasure
    the last stanza alludes to the aftermath of eating her anniversary surprise

  2.   Michael Erdmann Says:

    I like what you’re trying to do, but if you feel the need to add a comment explaining it to us it’s a pretty good indication that you should revisit/revise your work. In this case some of the details are contradictory or don’t quite fit. Make sure that the details are well considered (that you’re giving us the appropriate clues) and trust the intelligence of your audience.