Exercise Nine:

This exercise is designed to continue to get you thinking in narrative terms, and thinking about how narrative applies to user experience.

Using one of the attached grocery store receipts as your inspiration/evidence, create a narrative. Post your narrative to the blog. The narrative should consist of more than just prose — in fact, it need not contain any prose at all. Consider images, video, poetry and sound. Be creative! Here’s an example of a variety of possible responses to a single receipt.

Your receipt assignments (the page number) are as follows:

Nicholas: 1
Sohyun: 2
Renars: 3
Sandra: 4
Carrie Ann: 6
Prisilla: 7
Yizhen: 8
Amir: 9
Hilda: 10
Sharon: 11
Shi Tong: 12
Cindy: 13
Marco: 14
Brian: 15
Joanna: 16
Irene: 1
Hyun Ji: 2
Samantha: 3
Hung Hei: 4
Caroline: 5
Andrew: 6
Alexandra: 7
Fan: 8

Exercise Nine is due at 15:30 on Friday, March 11.