Suspended Circuit

For this first assignment, we’ve been tasked with creating a functional circuit where the conductive materials combine to make up a significant portion of the aesthetics. So for my work, I’ve taken inspiration from contemporary suspension bridge designs, as well as a line of furniture products by Robert Cuthburt. Both styles of design use a system of tethers hung from a single tower to span a gap, and support a deck.



My ‘bridge deck’ and ‘tower’ are simple wood constructions, however the cabling is an alternating rhythm of red and black silicon wires. I have run two separate circuits off of a single battery, each ending in a single red LED to show when it is operational. Paying attention to the precision of my layout and craftsmanship, the battery and transistors are discreetly pinned to the underside of the deck.

imag0793 imag0796 imag0792


Material List:

Balsa Wood Tower 3/8″ x 3/8″ x 10″
Maple Wood Deck 3/8″ x 2″ x 19″
Wood glue & hot glue

30AWG Silicon Wire – 2m Black (WIRSI-002003)
30AWG Silicon Wire – 2m Red (WIRSI-002001)
3mm LED – Red (LEDGE-000320)
100Ω – 1/4W Resistor (RESIS-521025)
CR2032 – Battery Holder (LILYB-008822)
CR2032 – Coin Cell Battery (BATTG-203200)


Circuit Diagram: