Im a big fan of “America’s got talent”. I still remember the first time when team iLuminate performed; I was so amazed from their EL light costumes. There on, I decided to research about the EL technologies on costumes.


Team iLuminate is a dancing crew which imbedded EL light system designed by the iLuminate™  that can be control via different mediums. Control mediums include DMX consoles, ProTools, MIDI devices, pre-programmed sequences or own custom iPod/iPad applications.


The glowing tubes and panel they used are Electroluminescent Wirex (often abbreviated to EL wire) which are commonly used in costumes and toys due to its 360 degree unbroken line of visible light.



While I was doing research for iLuminate, I found it impossible to get information about how the costumes are constructed. Therefore, I researched online and found some of the DIYs that demonstrates how it could be possibly made. Among all of the DIY ones, I found this one the most similar and easy to follow:

Here are the following online stores that sell Electroluminescent Wire that I think may be useful for the upcoming projects:


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