• 301 Gallery call to artists!

Summer Immersive Juried Exhibition

WHAT: This summer, Montserrat invites all current and past summer immersive students to submit work to a juried Summer Immersive Exhibition. The exhibition aims to show the depth and range of artists who have benefited from the Summer Immersive program, and will be held in the 301 Cabot Street Gallery at Montserrat College of Art. The exhibition will be juried and curated by Leonie Bradbury, Director and Curator of Montserrat College of Art Galleries.
WHEN: The exhibition will be held concurrent with the immersive program from June 9 – July 11, 2014.

WHO: All artists who enroll for summer 2014 or who have previously attended the Montserrat Summer Immersive Program (summer 2011 was the first year) are eligible to submit two entries.
HOW: Artists will submit an application form and image(s) using the online form provided below.

DEADLINE: The application deadline is May 9th, applicants will be notified by May 23, and selected works must be delivered between Tuesday, May 27 – Friday, May 30. If your site-specific or installation work is selected, works may be installed June 2nd – 6th.

THE DETAILS: Each artist may submit 2 entries for consideration. This may be a finished work in any medium including sculpture, or a proposal for a site-specific or installation based work. Artists submitting large scale works are encouraged to also submit one smaller work as space may be limited. Artists will be required to submit a statement and resume.


  • Marblehead Arts Association

Instructors and their Students Exhibition
Marblehead Arts Association

WHAT: This summer, students enrolled in courses taught by core instructors Timothy Hawkesworth, Barbara Moody and Maria Malatesta will have the opportunity to exhibit their work at the Marblehead Arts Association alongside their instructors. The exhibition is sponsored by the Marblehead Arts Association and Montserrat College of Art’s Department of Continuing Education.

WHEN: The exhibition is slated for August 2nd through September 14.

WHO: Students currently enrolled in Timothy Hawkesworth, Barbara Moody, or Maria Malatesta’s courses will be eligible to submit works. This opportunity is limited to current, summer 2014 students only.

HOW: Further details will be discussed during the courses this summer.


  • City Arch River 2015 Temporary Public Art Exhibition

Call for Curators

The Gateway Arch, Eero Saarinen’s graceful, soaring monument to the expansion of the United States, is one of the world’s greatest architectural and sculptural masterpieces. Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, in the heart of downtown St. Louis, the Arch stands as one of the most visited attractions in the world and continues to be a destination for tourists from around the globe who wish to experience the brilliance of its design.

A host of civic partners have embarked on a transformational project called CityArchRiver 2015 that will recreate the Arch grounds as a vibrant urban park that is welcoming, accessible and relevant to both tourists and residents for generations to come. The design, developed by a team led by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, reinvigorates the landscape, renovates and expands the museum, and creates acres of new event spaces and more than five miles of new internal pathways. The plan also includes developing a regular program of temporary public artworks that will bring new insight to this powerful place where the City of St. Louis, the Mississippi River, and the Arch meet.

We are looking for an experienced contemporary art curator or curatorial organization that can bring an innovative approach to commissioning temporary artworks that reflect the vision for this extraordinary place. The initial project or projects would be unveiled in October 2015, and be installed for up to 18 months. Pending a successful first project, the selected curator would have the option to curate the second exhibition, which would launch in 2017.

Qualifications are due May 22, 2014.

A full copy of the Call for Curators can be found Here