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My name is Olabiyi Dipeolu (SFI). I travel around the world to find unique upcycled materials (tossed out pieces of West African fabric, beads made from recycled glass and beads) to produce jewelry and home decorations. My company hires members of the socially ignored community (widows, the disabled, members of the deaf community, and more) to help produce handmade jewelry and home decorations. I grew up in 7 different countries and I have done this small innovative business since I was 16. I now live in Toronto and moved here from NYC last September.Imagine not being able to financially provide for your family because you live in a society where you are not considered normal or special enough. This unfortunately, is the reality for millions of people around the world!

I believe that hiring people is the best cure for poverty and it takes away the pity factor and empowers those who have been told that they are worth nothing. It sucks to be poor in poor countries, but worse to be poor and ignored in a poor country because you are not the norm. Purchasing our products will create more jobs for these types of people. This is important because it reinforces the fact that no matter who you are, where you were born, or the current situation life has you in, you deserve to have access to a job which will enable you to provide for your loved ones. Giving money alone can only do so much, but hiring gives a lifetime of support.

The asking funding goal is $4000.00. With this amount, more workers in West Africa and North America will be hired, we will be able to attend more trade shows and have the capacity to grow more.

Share this campaign with as many people as possible! The perks of this campaign are awesome handmade jewelry and home decorations for both males and females made from upcycled materials like fabric from West Africa, and recycled beads made from glass and plastic from West Africa. The swag is pretty awesome!

If we don’t reach our entire goal, that would be disappointing, but if we do, imagine all the business and jobs which could become a reality!

This has the impact to change the lives of workers around the globe, those in West Africa, and those in North America. This means that people will be hired to make unique items, which you, the supporters will keep. ALL the products are hand made, and no products are the same.

Ways in which you can help:

1) Purchase the products
2) Spread the word
3) Like, and follow Eekonomy on all forms of social media
3) Share the video
4) If you know of any bloggers who can share this campaign, send it to them!
5) Feel free to contact me!

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