EVENTS: Grad Student Forum: SEPT 10 – SEPT 17

Graduate Forum

When: Tuesday Sept. 16th 2014 from 12:30- 2:00 pm

Where: 230 Richmond, conference room 81015, 10th floor

Over this summer with the aid of many graduate students, I have put together a preliminary report about shared and specific issues of four programs: DFI, CCP, CADN, and IAMD. These lists of concerns have been submitted to OCADU’s president Sara Diamond, and then disseminated to the Dean of Graduate Studies Helmut Reichenbächer, Grad Studies Manager Brian Desrosiers-Tam, VP Michael Prokopow, and the Program Directors. I have started to work closely with the Graduate office in order to start a dialogue in which short and long term solutions can emerge.

This forum is the next step to a broader conversation that needs to occur between the Graduate office, the faculty, and the Graduate students. This event is the first of a series of two. This first session will begin with a short presentation by Dean Reichenbächer about the initiatives that have been or will be established in response to the report that has been submitted. His presentation will be followed by an informal discussion with the Graduate Students, and monitored by the Student Advocate Robin Fraser and the Graduate Representative. SU Director of Student Affairs Hilary Cluett will take notes. The Grad forum will be a safe space where the graduate student body can voice their concerns prior to a formal meeting with Sara Diamond and other member of the staff.

I hope you will come out to voice your opinion about the steps taken by OCADU’s administration. I also wish to hear your additions to or comments on the lists of concerns that have been circulating. You will receive a copy of this report through your student email prior the event, so keep an eye open!

You can drop by at any time!

Light refreshments will be served,

Thank you for your support



Your favorite frenchy and Grad Rep