This 3-hour workshop has been designed for OCAD U graduate students to help prepare you for graduate level work. We will discuss the fundamental elements in engaging in complex concepts, develop strategies for critical and analytical writing and learn to conduct effective research. This workshop will be facilitated by Rebecca Diederichs, MVS, and Lisa Myers, MFA, or the Writing and Learning Centre. Students may register for either date below.





As a graduate student, you are expected to familiarize yourself with the discourses in your field. You will learn strategies to situate a given text within wider academic debates by engaging in their histories, contexts and theoretical frameworks.


Research is an integral part of written and studio skills in MRP and thesis work. Using interactive activities, the facilitators will lead you in a discussion of effective search strategies, accessing the Library’s collecting and conventions of academic and professional conduct.


As a graduate student, you will engage in a variety of writing assignments that explore new ideas, research questions and approaches within their specific disciplines. This will be an opportunity to discuss the preliminary stages of writing towards your MRP or thesis including: literature review, organizing and presenting evidence, drafting a working thesis topic and editing your own work.

 LOCATION: 205 RICHMOND ST. W, RM. 7310 (Third Floor)

Register online: 416-977-6000 EXT. 229


Next 36

If you are considering establishing a business once you graduate, please we aware of the new Next 36 application process due September 30th, 2014- see attached info.

Next 36 is a non-for profit charity which supports young Canadian entrepreneurs with mentoring, seed capital, resources, an academic program and network opportunities.

Next 36 info can be found

If you need more information or assistance with the application , please contact Heather Tay at ( ), Interim Executive Director, Imagination Catalyst

The Next 36 – Referral Program – 2015 Cohort

Applications for the 2015 cohort of The Next 36 are open. As major part of the N36 community, we hope you will

help us attract the best candidates by promoting the program through your extensive network to Canada’s most

entrepreneurial students. We hope you will refer up to ten exceptional students who will be advanced in the

application process as the result of your nomination and receive special consideration from The Next 36.

What kind of student should you refer?

Exceptional university undergraduates from all academic backgrounds in their final two years of study, or who have

graduated within the past 6 months. The Next 36 is looking for students who:

  • have an entrepreneurial track‐record
  • strong leadership skills
  • have the potential to build internationally significant organizations

Alumni of The Next 36 have:

  • Founded revenue‐generating businesses
  • Been recognized with awards such as Top 20 Under 20, TD Scholarships, Duke of Edinburgh, Millennium Excellence
  • Excelled as social entrepreneurs
  • Won Hackathons, business plan competitions, science fairs participated in Shad Valley, Enactus, etc.
  • Held internships with Google, Facebook, Zynga and other high profile tech companies
  • Competed at an international level in sport, music and dance

Key Dates

July 23 – Applications Open

August 12 – Venture Day (will be webcast live)

August 14 ‐ Live Application Webinar (questions taken via Twitter)

September 30 – Deadline to apply using Referral Code and Early Application Deadline

October 27 – Final Application Deadline

National Campus Tour – various locations throughout the fall

How to Refer an Applicant

Once you have identified an individual you wish to refer (up to 5), please contact Gillian Nation, Business Officer with

their name and email. Gillian will follow up with the applicant and provide a referral code, additional program

information and a personalized letter from Claudia, copying you. The referred applicant must be entered during stage

one of the application. Please only assign one student per code.


Please note ‐ all applicants who participate in the referral program must complete the entire application by

September 30th 2014

For more info on the program and eligibility, please visit our FAQ page or email Gillian at

Thank you for your continued support of The Next 36. We look forward to meeting the applicants you refer.