Presented by the Master of Arts Program in Contemporary Art and Design New Media Histories (CADN) and Third Space Art Projects Curatorial Collective

WHEN: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2015 AT 6:00 – 9:00 PM Artist talk begins at 6:00 pm followed by a reception at 8:00 pm
WHERE: OCAD University, Room 7514, 5th floor 205 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1V3

Karyn Olivier, who was born in Trinidad and Tobago, received her M.F.A. at Cranbrook Academy of Art and her B.A at Dartmouth College. Philadelphia-based artist Karyn’s practice has interrogated the ways in which we engage with public space. The artist presents viewers with different scenarios that lead us to reflect on the ways in which we move our bodies through environments and respond to different locations.

Through discrete place- ment, rearrangement, embellishment, and replication of everyday objects in various sites, Olivier tries to shift our experience of the familiar. She explains, “This manipula- tion reveals the malleable and unfixed nature of objects and spaces — forcing us to reconcile memory(ies) with the present moment, collapsing the past with the present. The hope is to create a sleight of eye, a slit into something else — a conflation suggesting a visual accord that’s not necessarily there.”

Her public talk will include a discussion of her current installation, FREE LIBRARY, a social sculpture project exploring the site of the community grocery store in Toronto as a site of cerebralspace engaging cultural iden- tity, nostalgia, Caribbean intellectualism and pedagogy.

For more information contact thirdspaceartprojects@gmail.com