Dear Researchers

The Research Services Office and the Research Ethics Board are excited to announce the upcoming implementation of ROMEO: an online, database-driven solution that manages research ethics submissions and approvals, grant approvals, tracks project status and reporting deadlines.

ROMEO will be launched in two phases:

Phase I :

ROMEO Ethics module and online Researcher Portal

Launch date: Friday, March 27

As of this date, faculty members, staff and students will be able to login online to:

  • submit new REB applications;
  • track the status of new REB applications;
  • view previously-submitted REB applications; and
  • submit annual and final reports and requests for renewal.

The  online application and forms mirror their current paper-based versions. Effective April 30, 2015, paper-based REB applications and applications sent by email will no longer be accepted.

The Research Services Office staff members are available to provide assistance to researchers upon request through


Phase II

ROMEO Awards module
Launch date: Spring 2015

The ROMEO Awards module will allow researchers to:

  • submit new applications for grant authorization, replacing the existing Grants Authorization Form (GAF);
  • track the status of applications;
  • view information about current and past grants and awards; and
  • track milestones and reporting deadlines.

In-person training sessions will be held in late March and throughout April. Additional in-person sessions will be scheduled throughout AY2015-2016 and based on demand. Remote training will be made available online in May and September. Training dates and details are available here.

Log-in instructions and information updates will be provided by email and posted on the Research webpage as they become available.

For questions about ROMEO, please contact Heather Robson, Interim Manager, Research Services at 416-977-6000 ext.447,


Manager, Special Projects &
Research Ethics Board

T 416 977 6000 x4368
F 647 439 4194