Anthropomorphic Objects

An IAMD Thesis Show by Ana Jofre

WHEN: April 1-5, 11am-7pm
Reception: April 2, 7pm-9pm

This MFA thesis exhibition is the culmination of an exploration of the uncanny through sculptures that evoke the sensation of a living presence. In addition to conveying the illusion of presence, each sculpture is intended to convey some character or personality, and to this end, my work is influenced by puppetry. Though the works are human sized, they function as puppets in that they are posable and can be used for performance, but they are also robotic in that they have some autonomous motion and some reactive motion. My sculptures are based on the human form because the human form is at once most uncanny and also most relatable. Relatability is an important aspect of my work, as I use my humanoid sculptures to create playful interactive experiences for viewers, experiences that hinge on the uncanny and the illusion of presence.