On Thursday, September 21st 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Isabel Meirelles, Professor, Faculty of Design and 2015/2016 OCAD University Award for Distinguished Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity Recipient, will be giving a talk entitled The Visualizing Spirit.

The second half of the eighteenth century saw most disciplines in the
sciences and the humanities share a “quantifying spirit” characterized
by the systematization of knowledge as well as a preoccupation with
measuring all types of phenomena. This is not much different from our
current obsession with collecting, quantifying and analyzing all types of
data. A “visualizing spirit”, however, better describes the present passion
and widespread use of visual-spatial techniques in the already quantified
sciences, humanities and the arts. This talk will examine the antecedents
and significance of our present “visualizing spirit” and will focus on recent
visualization trends, their roles, affordances and limitations in helping us
explore, extract and interpret information.Faculty Talk

The talk will be held in 205 Richmond St. E., Room 420.


Coffee and light snacks will be provided.


Please invite your colleagues and join us for this exciting opportunity to hear about Professor Meirelles’ research. See the poster attached for more details.