Scenic, an exhibition featuring Kotama Bouabane, Johanna Householder, Luke Painter and Liana Schmidt

OCAD University Grad Gallery
205 Richmond St West. Ground floor. Toronto, ON.
August 25th – 31st, 2018 | Gallery Hours: 1pm – 5pm

Reception: August 29th, 4pm-8pm

The exhibition Scenic brings together four artists who employ set design as subject matter in relation to performance and the body. The works are based on items and effects that are prevalent in film sets, theatre scenography and magic shows including drapery, doors, windows, scaffolding and mirrors.

These subjects are visually emphasized through isolation and exaggeration and become spaces where issues of sexuality, gender, authenticity and paradox are explored through disparate materials and narrative strategies.

Featuring Artists: Kotama Bouabane, Johanna Householder, Luke Painter and Liana Schmidt

Image credit: Liana Schmidt