Rebirthday Party Performance December 2019

OCAD University

Danny Welsh


Rebirthday: Self-presentation, Suppression and Externally Excessive Expression, seeks to complicate notions of marginality through exploring the long tradition of self-fashioned glamour as a survival tactic and form of world making for non-normative people. Rebirthday complicates and challenges conventional ideas of what is considered alluring and valuable. Rebirthday exploits self-fashioning and costuming as avenues to manipulate the representation of my physical exteriority. Often closely affiliated with wealth and unattainability, glamour has somewhat of an unsolidified definition. Glamourous self-fashioning is a simple yet complex way for me to relate to and exist within mainstream society as a self-proclaimed gender-nonconforming deviant.

Rebirthday is every day. Every day I am provided with an opportunity to be figuratively rebirthed. This opportunity presents itself in the way I choose to conduct my life via the choices I make. These choices I regard as premising me the power to be figuratively rebirthed include my dress, make-up, verbal speech inflections, self-fashioning, mannerisms, and state of mind. I am performing at all times. My life alive, is a live performance.

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