Please join the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies for 2 sabbatical talks by Dr. Emma Westecott and Dr. Suzanne Stein.

Game Sketching:
Exploring approaches to research creation for games

Digital games are a critical form in which makers express models of play that create meaning beyond entertainment. Game culture is pervasive and amidst a wider technological context that invites all our active participation provides one setting for creative self-expression. Games collapse the distance between makers and players in a uniquely active manner and whilst this work is interested in possibilities for game making, all players co-create their own gameplay experience, which holds potential for enacting individual agency. Based on experience introducing game design and development education at OCAD over the past decade as part of the Digital Futures program, this paper develops some early discussions around the concept of game sketching to both pedagogic and research creation ends.

“Feminist Collaboration in an emergent non-hierarchical network”

Stein explores a cluster of research projects and the need to revisit project management processes to allow for knowledge exchange and project formation.
She discusses the linking between projects based on issues of feminism, collaboration and ICT/M sectors and discusses the need to create a non-hierarchical hub for expansion and inspiration. This is important in cross-sectoral collaborations that have differing and changing needs and resources.

This is event is free to the public and located in an accessible venue.