Join Charla as she shares her journey to HoloLens and how thinking in 3D is an important piece of understanding for success with these new technologies.

Charla Pereira is a senior designer for Microsoft currently focused on 3D experiences. She has been innovating with technology for 20 years professionally and in love with experimentation and storytelling from early childhood. Her first works were creating for both paper and 2D screens in the startup days of the internet for clients such as The Jackson 5 and The Air National Guard, she was one of the first to bring 3D games and interfaces to the internet. When she joined Microsoft she successfully shipped Office 365 and wanted to create for something more than a 2D screen. Her journey continued into designing robotic interfaces for Bill Gates, working with Microsoft Research on reinventing 3D painting, and now experiences in mixed and virtual reality. Her true passion is to invent using true stories, design through experimentation, and create products that empower others to imagine what is possible.

Thinking in 3D: A talk with Charla Pereira (Microsoft)
Presented by the Digital Futures Graduate and Undergraduate Programs

March 5th from 1PM-2PM
Room 115 at 205 Richmond St. W.
All welcome!