Dispossession, by virtue of its lack of “possession”, implies a placement outside of the global economies based on private interests. It is a constant and growing threat: dispossession due to the climate crisis; the mass dispossession of bodies from their homelands; the refusal of colonial nations to concede stolen land; and the neoliberal moves to render every cultural worker precarious and bound to debt. This conference asks how, without foregrounding a sense of possession based on privatize ownership, dispossession can be a nucleus for positive, resistant change.
Keynote: Friday March 13th 7.00pm
100 McCaul Street, Room 230
Max Haiven is Canada Research Chair in Culture, Media and Social Justice at Lakehead University.
Title: Currencies of the Undercommons: Money as Vengeance and some Arts of Resistance

Abstract: The architects and champions of racial capitalism have insisted that money is a technology of peace, a means to channel humanity’s allegedly natural competitive instincts into a socially beneficial economic order without tyranny. Anyone who has felt money’s lash knows better. What if, instead, we saw capitalist money as a form of systemic revenge rooted in exploitation, colonialism, extraction and oppression? This presentation shares several almost-forgotten stores of creative resistance to money’s rule, and several radical “art” projects that help us see what is really at stake in money: the stolen potential of our cooperative species. What would it mean to reclaim this potential and what (if any) role might this thing we call art play?

Conference Presenters: Saturday March 14 9.00am-5.30pm
100 McCaul Street Room 230
Admission Free// All Welcome
Organized by Ocad U Contemporary Art, Design and New Media Histories, Graduate Studies Cohort
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