Meet Jessie Holmes, the Grad Studies Career Ambassador!

Jessie is a second year IAMD Graduate Student, pursuing her MFA in sculpture, audio and poetry.Jessie’s art practice is based around character development and narratology, her theoretical framework is currently based on the biographical object, sentiment and emotional transference.

Learn about and discuss the following topics with Jessie:

•Creative process, current projects and discussion around manifestation of concepts and technical aspects.
•Art production: silk screening, audio recording, mould making,performance, installation creative writing, book making, fashion or costume design, poetry, contemporary art and art history.
•Helping others work through their creative process and discuss how to problem solve and work through their own personal obstacles in their practice, or discussing through the act of making together.
•Discuss European opportunities for artists after their studies.

Jessie is available every Monday from 12PM-3PM in room 620 located at 205 Richmond street.