Opening Reception

March 11, 6–8pm


OCAD University

100 McCaul St


MCA Foyer 181

Green Stairwell C1

Pink Stairwell K1

Yellow Stairwell A1




Artist Statement


Discovering uncommon sounds in common spaces provides a mechanism for breaking patterns of predictable listening. Unexpected sonic events draw listeners attention and further sustain interest when nurtured with sensitive intentionality. I contend that through subtle yet powerful shifts of everyday behavior it is possible to facilitate diverse and meaningful shared aural experiences. My research investigates what perspectives and relationships might be forged through such an expansion of listening inside of entrance foyers, corridors and staircases in urban multi-storey buildings. I explore this dynamic using microphones, loudspeakers and radio transmission across a series of site-responsive sound installations. These sonic and spatial interventions encourage varied modalities of listening and participation. In this context, my intention is not so much to create new sounds; rather, it is to amplify what is occurring in the environment.