The SuperCollider organizing committee would like to thank you for your participation in the Graduate Studies Thesis & MRP Colloquium, which took place September 24th & 25th of last month. The virtual event was a great success, with over 70 student presentations (24 panels) and 10 Q&A sessions occurring over the two-day period.

Much thanks go out to the SuperCollider Dream Team organizing committee, including a special thanks to Peter Morin, for setting in motion our first ever cross program research colloquium! Additional thanks to the entire organizing committee for their hard work; Kate Hartman, Adam Tindale, Peter Morin, Keith Bresnahan, Suzanne Stein, Michelle Wyndham-West, Julian Higuerey- Nunez and Josh Paglione.

Links to the presentation videos and discussion channels are available here, and we invite you to view the presentations that you couldn’t see live. In addition, we’ve received feedback that the students would appreciate more asynchronous engagement, including comments and feedback on their presentations.

We are kindly asking grad faculty members to assist by reviewing student presentations and posting responses, further comments, and questions to the discussion channels. The discussion channels will serve as a venue for feedback and discussion and assist the students with refining and improving their research projects. It will also be helpful for you to see how others are responding to your advisee’s work!

Thanks in advance for your time!


SuperCollider Organizing Committee