LAUNCH DATE: Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 403 Forbidden is a digital exhibition that is seeking contributions from artists across all disciplines who are exploring and/or critiquing the way identity and ownership are maintained and negotiated in digital spaces. As we spend more time online, we become more efficient in critically navigating a domain of blurred boundaries. In this space, we come to realize that the “intellectual property” connected to our 2-dimensional avatars is no longer ours — forfeited as a result of fine prints and End-User License Agreement that claim ownership of that dimension of our personhood. Here, the Internet sheds its illusion as a democratic entity and becomes a space that is mediated through corporate intervention and the State, who hold sway over which content gets distributed and socialized, and how. How can we define ownership in a space where concepts like privacy are becoming abstract? How do we claim ownership of our likeness, cognitive property, and creative outputs which are accessible to the virtual public? Alternatively, how do we mediate the grey area/space of restriction — through the use of paywalls, copyright laws, takedown notices etc. — where tools like VPNs are used to circumvent these restrictions? Can these tactics relate to the physical claim of ownership? Can a comparison be drawn between a physical symbol of ownership like the fence and that of the Internet?

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