March 12 and 13, 2021

Event Theme:


Event Description:

A two-day interdisciplinary conference organized by the Joint Graduate Program in Communication & Culture at York University and Ryerson University

Call for Proposals:

We invite academic and artistic submissions for the annual Intersections | Cross-sections 2021 Graduate Conference & Art Exhibition


As conversations about past and future in this turbulent and critical present arise, Intersections | Cross-sections wants to encourage discussions and debates that imagine and envision alternatives to the (or a) contemporary society.

With Futurities as a theme we hope to engage contributors with thoughts on our present realities and what we project into our futures, but also to reflect on histories and their continuity into a ‘now’. We understand futurities in all its multiplicity and in its most boundary breaking forms, going beyond and actively protesting the hegemonic and dominant systems currently in place. Submissions considering the role of the arts, media and technology in such imaginations are of special interest. We hope to receive submissions that carefully consider what tomorrow may hold.

As always, the aim of IS|CS is to bring together artists, scholars, and professionals, in any stage of their work, to have eye-opening conversations about the paths the field of communication and culture might take and how academia and the arts are intricately entwined. Work and research blurring the boundaries between disciplines and fields inform discussions at the conference each year.


Please see the attached PDF for more information and submission requirements.