Eighth Annual Wollesen Memorial Graduate Symposium March 4–5, 2021

The world is connected by waves of movement and exchange, from land-based and ocean-faring migration to networks of objects and encounters. This event seeks to explore the historical and contemporary currents of networked mobility and places of exchange. We especially invite artworks that reflect critically on ideas of geographies, scales, mobility, exchange, navigation, and migration.

Politics of spatiality, networks, and scale; Mapping, positionality, and geographical representations; Trade and trade routes; Ideas, motives, and places of exchange; Layered networks and social life of objects; Migrations and utopias; Culture and historical memory; Shared or interactive art and culture between islands; Ocean as cultural landscape; Seafaring, maritime, and navigation technologies.

Submission deadline: Friday January 29, 2021. Selected artists will be notified in early February.

Submissions forms here

Department of Art History
Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto