MRP Call For Participants: Mixed Reality Storytelling for Social Engagement with Older Adults


Graduate student seeking older participants and/or their family members, friends or individuals interested in participating in an online research study as part of OCAD University Inclusive Design Master’s project on Mixed Reality Storytelling for Social Engagement with Older Adults.

Mixed Reality is defined as generating 3D digital objects and environments in a physical world, experienced on a smartphone, tablet or laptop device. The purpose of this study is to investigate the use of Mixed Reality by older adults when sharing stories online and socializing at a distance.

Participant Eligibility & Criteria For this research study any of the following two types of participants can participate:

  • Older Adult (aged 65 or older),
  • General (aged 18 – 64) – It is encouraged that the Older Adult opt to participate with a family, friend or other adults of their choosing, who fulfil this criteria.

Eligible participants will meet the following criteria:

  • Minimal English-speaking proficiency (participants with English as a second language are encouraged to participate)
  • Have access to the internet and smartphone, laptop/computer or tablet with camera capabilities.
  • Do not suffer from cognitive decline like Dementia, Alzheimer’s or risks such as PTSD (to maintain physical and emotional safety).

Further Inquiries If you have any questions about this study or require further information, please contact the Student Researcher,  Amna Azhar or the Faculty Supervisor, Dr. Alexis Morris or Faculty Co-Supervisor, Dr. Michelle Wyndham-West using the contact information provided below.

Amna Azhar
Graduate Student, Inclusive Design (MDes) OCAD University

Dr. Alexis Morris
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences OCAD University

Dr. Michelle Wyndham-West
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Design OCAD University
Email: mwyndhamwest@faculty.oca

This study is reviewed and approved by ethics clearance through the Research Ethics Board at OCAD University [approval # 2021-05]. If you have any comments or concerns, please contact the Research Ethics Office through