Visier, a medium-sized (400+ employee) HR analytics company, would like to share their aggregated and anonymized data with researchers for collaborations.

The large dataset includes information from over 5,000 customers operating in 75 countries. We organize the information to maintain customer confidentiality and employee privacy. We, and past academic partners, have used the records for over 10 million employees to publish novel insights.  Major newspapers picked up some past publications.

Qualified academic partners can join activities previously limited to our in-house data science teams. Under a signed agreement select researchers get access to an ever growing corpus of anonymized worker data from the Visier People®️ solution. With support from Visier you investigate and publish on issues and trends in workplaces and the economy.

We have worked with various universities in Canada and the United States and recognize the important responsibilities our partners have to their graduate students and funding bodies.

For your organization to conduct research on our dataset, please send us a proposal. If you would like to learn more please see the Visier Research Program site.