If you have any upcoming departmental activities, news, workshops, or promotional information that may be important to, and/or of interest to OCAD U grad and/or undergrad students, consider including it in the appropriate issue of myOCADUnews

To keep the editing job as simple as possible, we request that you send just the following for your content:

  • Title of the event/initiative
  • Date/time of event
  • Brief, one-sentence description/intro
  • A link (readers will be able to click for full details elsewhere – e.g. registration, event link, web page, social media post, etc.)
  • Accompanying imagery/graphics should now be in square/cube format (e.g. as created for Instagram) or new banner size: 600 px by 150 px (72 dpi), minimal text.
  • Departments/services with multiple events should not send a graphic for each—they will be grouped together under one departmental graphic cube.

Upcoming deadlines:
MARCH 29 to APRIL 11 issue:
12 noon, Wednesday, March 24

APRIL 12 to 25 issue:
12 noon, Wednesday, April 7

Final issue of the 2020/2021 academic year:
APRIL 26 to MAY 9 issue: 12 noon, Wednesday, April 21

OCAD U Events Page
We also want to remind you to post your events at www.ocadu.ca/events (contact websupport@ocadu.ca if you need access to this), as this is a great place to see OCAD U events collated in one place.