The rare Charitable Research Reserve has partnered with the Ages Foundation Fund to financially assist students in pursuit of higher education. The Ages Foundation Research Fellowship & Bursaries program will allow students to study in a relatively undisturbed, yet highly accessible site in Waterloo Region.

Applications that utilize multiple knowledge systems and diverse methodologies will be prioritized. The monetary awards will help ensure successful candidates have the necessary resources to conduct and report on their research at rare

We support diverse, inclusive and equitable practices and approaches to environmental issues as we work toward meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples (self-identified and status First Nations, Métis & Inuit) of Turtle Island. We encourage applications from Indigenous students utilizing Indigenous and/or Western knowledge systems and methodologies.

We recognize that historical and present-day barriers exist that disadvantage Black, Indigenous, and other People of Colour
(BIPOC) pursuing higher education. To support BIPOC graduate students making environmental contributions through science, art, and diverse inquiry, the Ages Foundation Fellowship includes a designated $5,000 BIPOC award.

$15,000 will be distributed annually through this application process and awards will be given out in the following amounts: one (1) $5,000 award, one (1) $5,000 BIPOC award, and up to five (5) $1,000+ bursaries depending on the total number of outstanding applications received.  

Applications can be submitted until midnight on Thursday, April 1st, 2021.

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