Unpacking Pandemic Pondering: Strain, Stress, and Subversion

The exhibition, Unpacking Pandemic Pondering: Strain, Stress, and Subversion, presents various still works on a looped video overlaid with a beautiful sound/score by Daniel Payne. 

This exhibition explores the rhizomatic and tentacular as an antidote to mimetic virality. The virus thrives on reproducibility and mutation to infect as many hosts as possible, whereas the rhizome is a powerful biological force for multiplicities and mutualism that nurture and sustain. In presenting the work of arts education students alongside senior researchers and artists, intergenerational networks of knowledge sharing flourish, providing fertile systems to contest the toxic virality imposed on the creative voice.

The exhibition was a collaborative research project with OCAD University, University of Manitoba, and Gallery 1313. Almost 100 people worked on this project from across Canada and Internationally.

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