Invitation to view and comment on the project

The Ethical Cyborg is an MRP organized by SFI student, Trevor Bell.

In this research Bell explores the intersections of transhumanism, healthcare policy creation, and biomedical innovation. This project poses the question: How might we use planning and design to decolonize the futures of Transhumanism through the lens of healthcare policy and biomedical innovation to promote the emergence of inclusive and accessible social systems that are anti-oppressive and free of sexism, racism and classism?

virtual gallery on the project website,, exhibits the four scenarios developed in this research.

The scenario writing is accompanied by their respective world building, day-in-the-life writings, and found objects from the future. Bell invites you to explore the gallery and share your thoughts and opinions in the gallery comment section.

Your comments will help inform a set of future implications that Bell hopes to share with transhumanists, healthcare policy writers, and biomedical innovators to promote anti-oppressive practices.