Something to Say is an online exhibition curated by Avalon Mott, Kashfia Arif, Luke Whittaker and Samuel McGuire.

The exhibition explores the theme of Art and Accessibility by showcasing the role of the curator as a facilitator of experience, opening a space for learning in relation to the artworks and concepts that are on view.

Exhibiting works from artists Sana Khan, Casper Sutton-Fosman, Laura Butler, Nahun Flores, Paulete Poitras, and Veronica Waechter, Something to Say aims to explore how affect can aid in the experience of art.

By offering different perspectives and presentation models the exhibition opens a space for each viewer to have an impactful experience with the exhibition.

As a curatorial research exhibition, it is a collaboration between curator, artist and audience, supported by the virtual space.

Explore The Online Exhibition Here