Submissions deadline: Wednesday, January 4, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST (Toronto time).

YU-WRITE is a student-run, non-profit, open-access journal aiming to spotlight graduate students’ research in education. It was founded in 2022 at York University’s Faculty of Education, aiming to support the writing development of graduate students at York University and beyond.

The journal accepts papers from graduate students in any institution nationally and internationally working within the field of education. This may include:

  • Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research with a leaning toward education
  • Early Childhood Education to Post-Secondary Education
  • Education beyond formal contexts (including but not limited to diverse and emerging forms of teaching and learning, spaces, and places)
  • Futurist aspirations: what kind of futures do we want to have? Rebuilding, speculative futures
  • Theoretical orientations/positionings (critical pedagogies, literacy, educational philosophies)
  • Ways of Knowing
  • Graduate research studies and reports in exploratory, theoretical, and/or practice-based research
  • Research-creation and arts-based research

We look forward to reading your innovative works!

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