A multi-sensory and interactive installation that celebrates the history of ready-mades, unmaking, and the importance of reconfiguration.

November 3 – December 4, 2022
The Campus Gallery, Georgian College

Admission is free and all are welcome. (Honk parking is in effect)

On until December 4th at Georgian College’s Campus Gallery, interdisciplinary Canadian artist Jill Price draws on the history of Still Life painting to bring attention to the material histories and effects of objects in her new art installation UN/making the Frame. Just part of the artist’s larger investigation into unmaking as a creative act, Price resisted the desire or social pressure to create more work for the long-awaited exhibition so as to embody and model an environmental call for degrowth. Read on to gain insight into the artist’s reasoning and new approach to working with exhibition spaces. Price shares,

There was plenty of time to create more paintings, drawings and sculptures as the exhibition was originally slated to happen in the fall of 2020, but if artists want to help change the world, as so many of our artworks suggest, we need to resist the hegemonic forces that would have us continue to extract, consume and produce in the name of global economic growth that more than often benefits only a few over many.

Starting from the lines contained within one of her existing still-lifes entitled Landscapes on Tables, which are a result of Price painting over early landscape paintings to acknowledge that whatever we do to the land ends up in our cups and on our plates, Price uses black tape to outline walls, baseboards, doors, tables, chairs and other mock furniture to extend the still-life’s picture plane into the gallery’s 3D architectural space. To transform the 2D painting into a 3D space even further, the artist then incorporated other reconfigured artworks and her personal collection of “things” to illustrate how our interior and exterior worlds are physically and psychically linked. Price explains,

I have become more interested in taking up the challenge to unmake and reconfigure or recontextualize my existing archive or other archives of art, materials and objects to help tell more-than-human stories. I find that by restricting my resources I am forced to become even more creative. Ultimately, my end goal is to stop contributing to systems of harm yet still find ways to create something new and of value that might be read as a gesture of care or repair.

To learn more about the exhibition visit the exhibition’s Akimbo listing or watch Jill Price’s artist talk on The Campus Gallery’s Instagram page.

Jill Price would like to thank artist assistants Jaeden Redmond, Gayle Fortin, Derek Berry, Darcie Brownell, and Dale Mary Sanchin, Gallery Director Amy Bagshaw, and the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council for their support in this project.

About the Artist:
An alumni of Western University, Althouse College, OCADU University and currently in the last stages of an SSHRC Research-Creation PhD Fellowship in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University, Jill Price is a nationally recognized scholar working at the intersections of art, eco-ethics, aesthetics and design.  A past professor within Georgian College’s and Queen’s University’s Fundamental Art and Fine Art programs, Jill Price is the founding director of the UN/making Network and is currently in the process of collaboratively designing an UN/making Methodology. To learn more about the artist or the UN/making Network visit the links below.

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