Online Course in Contemporary Curating

Online Course on Contemporary Curating

Taking back (Self-)Care: Curating and the Politics of Interdependence Lecturer: Elke Krasny Course dates: 20 March + 27 March 2021, 2–6pm CET Find out more…

Art Lotto logo

Feeling Lucky? Buy a Ticket at

ART LOTTO is an artist-led lottery platform. The project’s goal is to make art accessible by collectivizing its purchase and to put the profits…

Mavis Batey Essay Competition

Mavis Batey Essay Prize

The annual Mavis Batey essay competition is intended to encourage vibrant, scholarly writing and new research, especially by those who have not yet had their…

Virtual Reference Ddesk

Virtual Reference Desk

Questions about Research? The Virtual Reference Desk Can Help Book a Teams meeting here with an OCAD U Librarian for research help. Available Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, 11:00…

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