Student Profile : Daniela Jordan-Villaveces

LZ: Can you tell us a bit about yourself (program, year, etc.) and the art you create?

DJV: I’m from Colombia in my fourth year majoring in printmaking and I am currently doing my thesis. I mostly use printmaking techniques but I am specifically geared towards screenprinting, letterpress, digital prints and bookbinding.

What influenced your decision to major in printmaking?

I wanted to learn skills that I hadn’t had previous training in. I also really like the sense of community in the program.

Where does your inspiration come from? What are you really into right now?

I look at a lot of artist’s works and take from that, design work and everyday vernacular culture. Lately, I have been doing a lot of collaborative work and its really great because you can incorporate doing homework with having fun with your friends.

Where are you most productive? Tell us a bit about your creative space?

I do a lot of work at home. I find it really relaxing to draw when I watch movies or hang out with my friends who are artists.

What 2 art supplies could you not live without?

Black 0.05 pen and paper. Just 2? I want to say Photoshop too.

What is your favourite technique that you use in your work?

Everything I do relies on drawing first then branches off into books, prints and objects.

What is it that excites you most about the material you work with? Is there another medium you would like to work in?

Printing is magical you can do so many things and get so many outcomes and unique presentations of your work. It would be interesting to do some textile and more design based work.

What is your working style (do you work on multiple pieces at once, work best under pressure, etc.)?

I’m a mess; I work really well under pressure right up to the last minute. Stress is a huge part of my life. Too much unnecessary stress. If I were better at time management and more organized there wouldn’t be so much stress in my life.

Do you set goals for yourself?

Yes, my goal for now is to work with people I really admire, travel more and grad school but that is a really scary goal.

How do you promote yourself?

I promote myself online like crazy and comment on other peoples art through places like Flickr and blogger. I do every call for submissions possible. Be in art, book and zine fairs.

What advice would you give people considering enrolling in art school?

Give every project your best. More for you then for a mark or to please a professor.

What upcoming projects can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

I am going to be in the OCADU zine fair and I have a show at XPACE coming up in March.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

The last 2 months my friends and me are always playing this guy called El Guincho. It’s been really intense, every day on repeat.

What is your favourite place to eat around OCAD?

I never get tired of Pizzaiolo but homemade meals are always a better option

What is your favourite thing about studying in Toronto?

I think it’s the best place to study art and design in Canada and I love this city. I feel really comfortable in it. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

What are your plans when you graduate?

I have some internships planned and I want to go to some artist residencies and work on some projects. This way I get to travel and improve my resume and portfolio so I can go to grad school in a year or two.

What is your dream job?

I would like to have an independent publishing company and run it. Mostly art related books varying from zines to actual art books and catalogues.

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