A celebration of 3 new exhibitions in the Learning Zone

Reception for Design and Propaganda, Roommates and Ivan Kostynyk

Wednesday March 9th

4-6 pm

Design and Propaganda:

An exhibition of propaganda posters by Valerie Schein’s Graphic Design 2 class. Graphic design can be used to persuade, to inform and to motivate. Design and Propaganda is an exhibitions which addresses the social impact of graphic design and explores print design as a vehicle of persuasion. This exhibit will run until March 10th.


The OCAD Zine Library proudly presents an exhibition of whimsical and feminine illustration work by Andrea Manica and Eunice Luk. This exhibit will run until April 21st.

InternationalEyes Gallery Artist of the Month:

This month InternationalEyes Gallery features works by graphic design by international student artist Ivan Kostynyk. This exhibit will run until March 31st.

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