Audio Visual Services in the Zone

We’ve had quite a few questions about AV Loans, where it is, when it’s open, what is available, etc. So, stop and look no further–answers await!

Audio Visual Services are open Monday-Thursday from 8am-10pm, and on Friday from 8am-7pm. Please note that they are closed on the weekends.

You can find them in the Learning Zone, near the windows out looking St. Patrick Street. In other words, when you come into the LZ, hang right along the red wall.

You can borrow everything from computers and cameras, to projectors, cables, and speakers.

AV Loans

Need to contact AV Loans directly?
You can call them at (416) 977- 6000 x 353 if you have any questions or need assistance with the equipment
If you have comments, questions or concerns, you can email AV Support at

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