Chris Wiggs, 1st year Graphic Design student and Maggie Brettle, 1st year Illustration student were selling buttons in the LZ today.  Here is a bit of info about them and how you can contact them.

What gave you the idea to sell your buttons in the Learning Zone?

We thought students would be interested and this is a high traffic area. We are here everyday that we are at school; this is a nice, comfortable, laid back environment to facilitate this.

How do you promote yourselves?

Though social networking like my website chrismwiggs.com, twitter, facebook and deviantART.

What do you hope to achieve at OCAD?

I would like to gain more experience and learn more about the design field and how I fit into it.

Do you have any great ideas for the Learning Zone?

Get rid of the glass windows to reduce the fish bowl effect. It would also be great to have talks from professionals in the field. This would allow us to get advice and learn what is expected in the field. It would also be useful to have a job fair where local businesses can come in and meet with students. It would also be nice to have something more done with the zine library.

How can others buy your products and how can you be contacted?

My website and Etsy.

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