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The end of the term is around the corner–do you have your summer job lined up?  Or, better yet, do you have your professional goals and career path mapped out?

Don’t know where to start looking, or what to even look for? Don’t fret! Each and every Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3pm until Thursday March 24th in the Learning Zone, Thomas Fairbairn, your friendly neighbourhood career services advisor, is here to talk you through it all–just remember to bring your Student ID card with you. These interactive, one-on-one sessions are for currently enrolled students from all year levels. Students will explore personal and professional career concerns. All year levels are welcomed to the sessions; the sooner we begin these conversations, the more comfortable and competent we will be when it comes time for that next BIG transition . . . from student to young professional.

Those hours no good for you? You can always email Tom Fairbairn at with whatever questions you may have.

There are excellent books for your reference here in the LZ in the Career Resource Area to assist and guide you through all the daunting stages of the job hunt and application process. The Career Resource Collection is divided into the following subjects: Job Search, Materials, Self-Knowledge, and World of Work. From compiling a personal inventory, to pointers on writing resumes and cover letters, to interview etiquette, to thank you letters, and tips on getting a competitive edge on the job market, the LZ has language on it all! But, it does not stop there.  There are pamphlets and brochures from other colleges, universities, and institutions, outlining the various programs of study available for those who have just begin to whet their academic pallet. Come, explore, and be served some invaluable career advice!

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