The Great Grange Event: Reception & Wearable Art Show

Wearable Art Performance

Wearable Art Performance

On Tuesday March 20th, the Learning Zone hosted a reception for the Nature & Culture: Curatorial Practices and Creative ProcessĀ  & Research: Wearable Art show.

The first year Faculty of Arts students of Derek Liddington and Candida Girling worked collaboratively to showcase an impressive performance and site installation.

Sylvia Whitton

Sylvia Whitton

With opening remarks by Chair of First Year Art, Sylvia Whitton, Diane Pugen, Derek Liddington and Candida Girling.


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03 2012

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    Hi Diane, Candy , Sylvia and Marta,

    Sorry I missed the event! Looks like it was fun and successful.

    Linda Montgomery

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